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Published: 2022-01-03 (updated 2022-11-01)

One day, I wanted to make a notebook. I liked it, so I made more. Then I got tired of it and stopped. This is an archive of the material that I published about this.

I started out with a single notebook. I published a detailed report about this original build. I made 6 notebooks overall, and created a page to present each one:

These notebooks were an open source hardware product (emphasis on open source, less so on the hard part). I collected all documentation on how to source materials and how to build them in a GitHub repository:

I also posted updates about about the process on this site, whenever I made a bit of progress that I wanted to share.

I eventually stopped making them. I didn't have the right tools, which made the process hard to control, tedious, and eventually frustrating. I didn't want to invest any more in tooling (either in the form of money or labor), so I decided to call it quits.

Overall, it was a fun experiment on how to manufacture a specific kind of product. I even sold a few, which was a nice feeling. I hope to eventually repeat that, but probably with something else.


2022-01-03 Initial release.

This was originally the report of the first notebook build. Moved that to a sub-page, and turned this note into an archive page that gives an overview over my whole notebook-making adventure.

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