The project described here was never finished. The site has been archived for posterity.

I was hoping to have another article ready this week, but that didn't work out. Instead, here's a short look behind the scenes for my paid members.

Paid members get to see a bit more of what's going on here while it's still in progress. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to sign up! If not, that's cool too. The next article for all of you shouldn't be long now.

Being distracted

I was hoping to make more progress on the wake-up light this week, but ended up doing other stuff. Working on Fornjot (that's how I make most of my money), experimenting with Zig, and doing bookkeeping.

I kind of like all that, to be honest. Earlier in my life, a week of not doing what I intended to would have meant procrastinating and wasting my time. I didn't do what I wanted to this week, but it still felt (and was!) very productive.

Wake-up light

I made some progress on the wake-up light too. I want to go with seven-segment displays to show the time, at least initially. It occurred to me (thanks to a conversation with my buddy Matthias), that I can make those myself.

I already plan to use 3D printing for the enclosure, and I realized that by printing very thinly, the material can act as a diffuser. If that works out, it means fewer parts, less complexity, lower cost, and more flexibility.


I was working on the next article for this website, and it didn't sit right with me. The content was alright, but somehow it felt dishonest. I realized I was taking a wrong perspective.

I really would have liked to publish this week, but instead I paused and took a step back. Then just this morning, I had an idea on how to reframe the article, and I'm excited. I'm sure it will now turn out much stronger!

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Behind-the-scenes update: being distracted, wake-up light, writing